The experts at the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter at Nordstrom at SouthPark mall filled The O Report in on a few tiny tricks that can make a big difference in your beauty routine. 

Eyeshadow: When putting on your eyeshadow, instead of sweeping it on, press it onto your eyelids. That keeps the pigment where it's supposed to go instead of flying out around your eye area. 

Makeup Brushes: When you're putting on your makeup, keep a Kleenex or other tissue paper nearby. Each time you use a brush, sweep it onto the tissue to remove the product. That helps prolong the time between washing your brushes. Instead of having to wash them once a week, with this method you can wait two or three weeks between washings.

Lipstick: To keep lipstick from landing on your front teeth, after applying it place a Q-Tip or other cotton swab between your lips and purse them, then twirl the cotton end around. That removes the lipstick from the inner part of your lips which is what causes lipstick to drift onto your teeth.