Drinking a glass of water shortly after waking is a great way to rehydrate your body since you haven't had fluids for hours. To add to the taste, and the health benefits, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Rich in Vitamin C and a good source of the important mineral potassium, lemons also have other health bonuses including aiding digestion. 

The one drawback is that lemon juice can harm the enamel on your teeth if you consume too much over a long period of time. But how much is too much? We turned to Charlotte Dentistry for advice. The dentists there recommended limiting it to one lemon wedge per 8-ounce glass of water. 

Here's how to get the perfect lemon wedges: Wash the lemon, slice it down the center lengthwise and remove any seeds. Take each half and slice it lengthwise at least once or twice until you have the size of wedge you prefer, then squeeze the juice into the water. If you like to dunk the whole wedge in the water after squeezing the juice, make sure you rinsed the rind really well.