With sandal season in full swing, it's time to focus on feet. In a feature in the June issue of Better Homes & GardensKaty Bowman, author of Whole Body Barefoot, shared some great tips for keeping feet healthy, which contributes to better body health overall. 

Her main point is that to stay strong, feet need exercise just like the rest of the body. And flexible toes give feet a wider base of support. She recommends these four moves:

1. Foot Stretch. While barefoot, sit near the edge of a chair. Fold the right foot back, tucking toes under so the top of your foot touches the ground, heel centered. Hold. Repeat with the left foot.

2. Toe Tense & Release. Keeping toes on the ground, spread them as far apart as you comfortably can. Hold for two seconds, relax, repeat. 

3. Big Toe Lifts. Raise your left big toe without lifting your other toes. Lower and repeat five times. Repeat with the right big toe. 

4. Hips Over Heels. Most people carry their weight on the forefoot rather than the stronger back part. Stand straight, and shift your weight (hips) back over heels without lifting toes.