Michael Anders, head trainer and owner of Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting, specializes in helping his clients navigate the various stressors in life so they'll have a more balanced approach to health, fitness and nutrition. 

Anders has a Masters Degree in Sports Science, Sports Medicine. He especially enjoys focusing on post-injury recovery and coaching his clients to help get their eating under control or optimize it for their sports and activities.

During the Living the Good Life As A Woman In 2018 event organized by financial advisor Alison Rowe of Baird Private Wealth Management, he shared his top tips. 

Set Realistic Goals

  • To increase your success, set a goal to fix one negative habit at a time because success breeds success
  • A goal should have a 90% chance of success at a minimum
  • When setting a goal, don't include the words "never" or "always" 
  • If you find the goal you set isn't doable, reduce it until it is possible


  • Eat meals slowly (slow eaters eat less food and reach satiation earlier) 
  • Eat until you're 80% full
  • Eat mindfully without distractions (no phones or TV) because people who eat without distractions are more cued into their hunger/appetite feelings
  • Focus on having protein with each meal
  • Nutrition is a crucial element in any fitness transformation so start working on making healthier food choices as quickly as possible 


  • Don't overcommit by saying you'll exercise 5 or 6 times a week - that's unrealistic 
  • Aim to exercise 3 times a week 
  • Something is better than nothing: even if you just exercise for 10 minutes a day that adds up 





 Fitness and nutrition expert Michael Anders of Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting. 

Fitness and nutrition expert Michael Anders of Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting.