The staff of HopeWay, Charlotte’s nonprofit mental health center that offers residential and day treatment for adults in a first-class setting, knows that it’s healthy for women to invest in themselves.

They recommend working “me” time into your everyday routine as a way to bring balance into your life and nuture your mental health.

If that sounds unattainbable, take inspiration from the ways some of HopeWay’s female staff makes time for their own favorite healthy activities, which they relayed in a recent edition of HopeWay Matters, the center’s monthly newsletter.

Sharing their tips are (from left) Ama Owusuaa, Jordan Conner, Elizabeth Rhoads, Megan Gregg and Katy Hollingsworth.

“For me, it is fitness. I exercise 5 days a week, which helps set me up for my day and also helps with my mood and maintaining a healthy diet. I like to mix it up to keep from getting bored - bootcamp, boxing and weight training are my favorites."
Ama Owusuaa, MEd, LPC, NCC, Primary Therapist

“In my me-time free-time, I like to engage in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, art projects and TED talks. I know that my health depends on me taking time for myself. This doesn't mean I'm always the best at self-care, but that I'm aware of what helps me to be my best self.”
Jordan Conner, ATR-P, Art Therapist and Front Desk Coordinator

”During my free moments, I enjoy taking photographs. Photos allow you to look back at a time and place that is impossible to reproduce, and conjure memories and feelings from that moment. Photos bring me joy, happiness and excitement.”
Elizabeth Rhoads, Chief Operations Officer

“I never thought I'd be a morning person, but it is now my very favorite part of the day. While the house (and the world) is still quiet, I enjoy a hot cup of coffee while reading or praying in my recliner. The best part is having my Cavalier curled up on my lap sound asleep!”
Megan Gregg, Development & Marketing Associate

“I enjoy taking my dogs for walks, reading, catching up on a good TV show, spending time with my sisters, going for a hike, kayaking or laying in my hammock.”
Katy Hollingsworth, MA, LPC, Admissions Specialist