It’s time to shake the stigma that just women care about how they look says Jacob Starr, an Aesthetic Consultant at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. He’s a sought-after source of advice for a growing number of male clients.

It’s time to shake the stigma that just women care about how they look says Jacob Starr, an Aesthetic Consultant at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. He’s a sought-after source of advice for a growing number of male clients.

Even though the majority of Aesthetic Consultant Jacob Starr’s clients at Charlotte Plastic Surgery are female, looking good isn’t the interest of just one gender anymore.

“Men want to look good, too” Starr says. “It’s becoming more acceptable for them to come in and talk openly about their concerns about their skin and things they would like to change.”

He’s happy the stigma is being shaken.

“No matter what gender you are, the way you look effects your confidence, and men also want to be the best versions of themselves possible.”

You can find Jacob at Charlotte’ Plastic Surgery’s sleek new Brilliant Bar at its Randolph Road location. To book a free consultation, call 704-372-6846.

The O Report asked Jacob to share his favorite products and procedures for men 50 and up. (To see his list for women, click here).

CPS AHA BHA Cleanser.jpg


“A cleanser is very important. This one exfoliates dead skin and improves tone and texture. It also has a brightening effect and you can use it morning and night.”

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“We have several versions of this — some have SPF 34 and they come tinted and untinted. The 50+ is great for overall sun protection. It protects your skin from the sun and UV rays, but also improves your overall appearance as well. It’s super lightweight and feels good on the skin.”

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“Everyone over 50 needs this product. It has hyaluronic acid which instantly adds hydration to the skin. It also helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.”


“It’s the best nonsurgical fat reduction procedure. For men, it can help them achieve that ideal V shape. There’s no down time. You can have it done during your lunch break and then go back to the office.”


“With our talented nurse injectors, It’s such a natural looking treatment. You will look rested and relaxed but still able to move your face and have an expression.”


Dr. Stephan Finical is one of the country's top plastic surgeons.  

Dr. Stephan Finical is one of the country's top plastic surgeons.  

Dr. Stephan Finical was a tenured surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota when Charlotte Plastic Surgery offered him a position. 

"Charlotte Plastic Surgery is a nationally known group so I knew of them," Dr. Finical says. "I'm from Mansfield, Ohio, and my wife and I had been thinking of moving back to the East Coast, so I flew to Charlotte to meet with them. When I got back to Minnesota, my wife already had a Realtor over to appraise our house!" 

Dr. Finical's reputation as an acclaimed surgeon and educator continues to flourish. He's especially known as a nose surgery expert: He's a member of the elite Rhinoplasty Society which is open to only the top 100 rhinoplasty surgeons in America. When he's not traveling across the country to train other surgeons and speak about the newest products and procedures, he enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his wife and two children.

The O Report was honored to have him educate us about everything from the importance of dressing well to the best thing you can do for your skin and the nonprofit that's most meaningful to him. 

What are your wardrobe staples?

I always wear a suit and tie, and usually a pocket square. My father wore a suit to work every day and so do I. Once, early in my career, I considered dressing casually on an operating day. I decided against it, and that day I was asked to consult with a VIP patient. I was so glad I wore a suit. Honestly, I just hate consulting with patients when I'm wearing scrubs. It’s like wearing your pajamas. It’s too casual. It bothers me.

Who is your male style role model? 

Cary Grant. He always stressed owning less quantity and higher quality clothing with an emphasis on tailoring. The fit is so important. One of my favorite part-time jobs in college was working in a men’s clothing store that had its own tailor shop. No surprise - knowing my profession - that I was very interested in the tailor shop and what they did!

Any favorite grooming products or grooming tips? 

Sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen, especially if you are over 40, and TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica. TNS contains human-derived growth factors that help support skin health. It is based on real and honest science and truly makes your skin look better.

How do you stay in shape? 

I run, usually four or five times a week. I have a five-mile loop that I run on the greenway. Once a quarter I run the equivalent of a half marathon. It’s good for me both mentally and physically. 

What are your favorite charitable causes? 

My wife and I both donate and volunteer at The John Crosland School. It’s a school for kids with learning differences. There are so few good resources in Charlotte's public schools for children who really need that type of specialized learning. I would encourage anyone to look into donating their time or money to such a worthy cause as the education of children. Kids with learning differences have the most to gain. You can take a frustrated child who has little opportunity in traditional education and make them a successful contributor to society. These kids have huge upside potential. It’s a place where you can really make an impact.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? 

Leaving a tenured position at the Mayo Clinic to move to Charlotte. 

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

Read. I read a lot for work, but I enjoy reading for pleasure as well. I try to read anything that an educated person “should have read,” so I’ve played catch up on a lot of classics. I also like to watch college football. Having played in school (Division III), I love the fact that amateur athletes who may have had finals or midterms and are trying to grow up like all college students are also practicing and performing on a very high level at their sport. 

Dr. Finical has always been athletic, including playing Division III football. 

Dr. Finical has always been athletic, including playing Division III football. 

Who are your favorite writers and/or filmmakers? 

Kurt Vonnegut. He's such an interesting writer. But my favorite book is probably The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. On the surface it should be uninteresting. It's about Chinese farmers at the turn of the century. But it gives insights into the way of life, feelings, thoughts, and norms of a different culture. I try to read classics that I missed because I was studying science in school. Both of my parents love to read. My dad reads a book a week. I’ve enjoyed all the Stanley Kubrick films. They are usually surprising, deep, and often disturbing. My dad took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was six. I don't understand it any better now. I’m still trying to figure it out. In front of a computer, I often feel like the apes with the jawbone in the opening scene! I learned to enjoy movies from my father. He was a Depression-era kid and went to the movies every Saturday in the 1930s. He would take butter and egg money and go with his friends, and they would watch Westerns all day.

What do you love about this stage of your life?  

I enjoy watching my children blossom as young adults.

What are your favorite restaurants? 

Stagioni is walking distance from my house. My wife and I will walk over on the Friday nights that I get home late and we are never disappointed. Russ, Leeann and Nicole always have great recommendations for us to try.

Where are your favorite places to vacation? 


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 

Two great kids!

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

MACS...Massive Amounts of Common Sense.

What did you learn from your father or grandfather that still influences you today? 

My father taught me always to do your best and present yourself well. He is very clever. He's 90 and works the crossword puzzle every day, has a terrific sense of humor and is always well-dressed. My maternal grandfather was mechanically talented. He once carved a working pair of pliers for me out of a single piece of wood. He taught me that if you are resourceful, you can fix anything.

What’s your favorite healthy snack? 

Power bars. I keep a stash in my desk drawer at work. My favorite is Kashi Honey Almond Flax. It has a really nice texture to it and doesn't have too many calories. I gnaw on those and drink low calorie Gatorade so I don't get dehydrated on operating days when I don't get a chance to go out for lunch.

What’s your favorite indulgent snack?

Ice cream! I could eat it nonstop.