Lisette Limoges, the co-founder and creative director of the Lisette L Montréal clothing line, was in Charlotte recently for a trunk show of her fall collection at Paul Simon Women at the Village at South Park. Accompanied by her new rescue puppy, a Maltese named Jupiter, Lisette and her daughter, Kathryne, assisted a steady flow of customers - so many that there was a waiting line for the dressing rooms. (The photo above is of Kathryne, Jupiter and Lisette at Paul Simon Women.)

The brand's rise to popularity began with one item on the top of almost every woman's wardrobe wish list: A great fitting pair of pants. A built-in mesh panel for tummy control and a variety of on-trend styles and patterns to choose from keep customers coming back for more. Now the line also features skirts, tops, dresses, blazers, accessories and the athletic-inspired Lisette L Sport. 

Limoges, 66, was in Charlotte following a business trip to Charleston as one of the sponsors of the Family Circle Volvo Cup Classic tennis tournament where she met two famous fans of her designs - South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Martha Stewart. 

While at Paul Simon Women, she was kind enough to answer our fashion questions in her beautiful French-Canadian accent: 

Q: Why do you think women of all ages have responded to your designs?

A: Every woman is on the go and they want to look good and feel comfortable. Whether you're traveling or staying at home, the clothes feel good and they're wash and wear so they're easy.

Q: Are there certain ways to wear the collection depending on your age?

You have to take the pieces you love and adapt them to your body. Kathryne is wearing her pants with a fitted, shorter top. I'm wearing mine with a tunic top (the Adele 31-Inch Tunic Pull-On Blouse). It's a wardrobe staple. I have it in white and black. 

Q: What is one of the biggest trends for fall?

A: Gauchos are still coming on strong. And wearing a matching top and bottom. Kathryne is wearing that look today with her matching blazer and pants. But then she'll also break them up and wear them with other pieces. 

Q: What is your best fashion advice?

A: You have to feel good to look good. It all starts inside.