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Neiman Marcus of Charlotte’s The Art of Fashion benefit for The Mint Museum featured a runway show of bold new styles from luxury designers including Valentino, Gucci, The Row, Akris, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Moncler, Chloe, Tom Ford and Michael Kors Collection. For photos of all the glamorous guests, go to the Social section. To see the runway looks for men, go to the Men’s section.


Bajra shawls, $895 each, bring light to your face.

Charlotte is on the international fashion map thanks to Capitol boutique owner Laura Vinroot Poole. Her expert eye and knack for discovering new designers fuel the fashion dreams of her impressive list of customers. They adore her and her staff for their talent and wonderfully obsessive attention to customer service. 

Poole and her team attend A-list fashion shows at home and abroad to bring the best back to their chic clientele. So when she talks style for the 50 and older set, we listen. 

Most surprising confession: "I don't follow trends. I never have. I have no idea what the color or style of the moment is. I just don't think that way."

Biggest misconception about Capitol: "Throughout my career, I've had some women walk in and say that it's a young person's store and there won't be anything that will fit them. Mainly young women work here, but It's not that kind of a store. Most of my customers are in their 50s and 60s. A salesperson doesn't have to be your age to be able to help you. Working with someone who's not in your age group can help you get out of a rut."

A great fit: "Find someone to help you who's not a friend or a relative. A great salesperson can help make you look more like your true self. They can help you navigate all the styles and give you the confidence to update your look."

Handcrafted Yaser Shaw shawl, $1200.

European inspiration: "Especially in Paris, the women all have shawls. It's amazing how a great shawl can keep you comfortable in all sorts of climates. I wear one almost every day. It sounds weird, but even in the summer a shawl can help shield you when it's hot. And I love a shawl for evening. It adds a little mystery."

Best tip: "Always think about bringing light to your face. Pearls are famous for that. It's also part of the beauty of a shawl or a great pair of earrings - to bring color near your face."

Aquazurra Lace Up Flats, $685.

Aquazurra Lace Up Flats, $685.

Flats are where it's at: "A great flat will change your life. No one is going to be tricked into thinking you're taller because you wear uncomfortable high heels. When you're comfortable, you look more like yourself."

Biggest change: "Women buying jewelry for themselves has become a big part of my business. The old-fashioned idea was that men buy jewelry for you. Now women buy it for themselves."