On top of raising money for a worthy cause, The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary's annual Festival of Tables fundraiser is a great place to get new ideas for creative tablescapes.

Here are three of The O Report’s favorite inspiration-filled tables, and the details that made them extra special.

FOT 2019-1.jpeg

Mary Katherine Hudson’s elaborate and lovely table decor won her a blue ribbon.

FOT 2019-2.jpg

We loved her watering can dripping with a stream of crystals..

FOT 2019-3.jpg

This elegant spring table caught our eye.

FOT 2019-4.jpg

Egg cups filled with grass were perfect place card holders.

FOT 2019-5.jpg

Summer isn’t even here yet, but Patty Pressley of CE Rental’s joyous table had us dreaming of December. The bright green tablecloth and candy cane striped overlay were so festive.

FOT 2019-6.jpg

Criss-crossed flatware, jolly elves and monogrammed ornaments made each place setting unique.

FOT 2019-7.jpg

Maybe the decorations were a little over the top, but that’s part of the fun of Christmas.

FOT 2019-8.jpg

Unwanted Guests by Patty Hammond and Pam Simpson looks like a lush picnic scene at first glance. Then you realize some hungry ants have joined the party.

FOT 2019-9.jpg

Look closely and you’ll see the unwanted guests.

FOT 2019-10.jpg

The most fun detail was the ants marching down the side of the table with bits of food in tow.


Being eco-friendly is always in style.

Recycling is important but it’s not the only solution - just 14 percent of plastic is collected for reuse according to a recent article in Parade magazine by writer Megan O’Neill.

One of the best things we can do is rethink our single-use plastic habit including plastic drink bottles and sandwich bags.

Megan compiled a list of tips for being part of the solution. Small steps can make a big impact over time. So pick one of these to focus on first, then add others later as you become more mindful of how day-to-day habits affect the Earth:

  1. Bring your own bags anywhere you shop, especially the grocery. Try the Standard Baggu. It holds three times more than a traditional grocery bag, comes in a variety of colors and folds into a flat pouch. Don’t forget to take them with you even on vacation. $12. baggu.com.

  2. Instead of plastic wrap, try Bee’s Wrap. These reusable food wraps come in different prints. They’re handmade in Vermont of cotton with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The warm of your hands softens the wrap and creates a seal. $18-$21. beeswrap.com.

  3. Purchase a glass water bottle from Soma and a donation will be made to Charity: Water, a nonprofit that supports safe drinking water projects globally. $30. drinksoma.com.

  4. If you drink coffee in a to-go top, skip the lid. It’s not recyclable.

  5. Have To-Go Ware’s bamboo utensil set on hand so you can turn down the plastic cutlery that comes with take-out. $13; earthhero.

  6. StrawGrace glass straws are handmade, break-resistant, dishwasher-safe and come with a cleaning brush. $13.57 for a set of 5. amazon.