Take a look around at chic restaurants and parties and you'll see that everything seems to be coming up Rose. More wine drinkers than ever are sipping Rose wine, the pale pink drink that's made from a process using red grapes. Many different countries have their own version, but some of the best come from France, naturalment.   

Even wine connoisseurs are surprised at the rise in its popularity. The wine experts we talked with say summer is the perfect time to give it a try because its pale pink color looks gorgeous in a glass, it chills well and it's a nice compliment to seafood.

Here are two to try - a sparkling and a nonsparkling - both available at Total Wine

Louis Bouillot Rose, $18.99. From Burgundy, France, it has fine bubbles with cherry and strawberry notes and a dry, creamy finish. Superb with salmon, shrimp and lobster. 

Brin de Rose, $24.99. From Provence, France, it has citrus fruit flavors, plus suggestion of candied rose and peppery spices.