Dr. John Pilley and Chaser during their many happy times together.

Dr. John Pilley and Chaser during their many happy times together.

One of the most famous animals from the Carolinas has died.

Chaser, a border collie known as “The Smartest Dog in the World,” died peacefully of natural causes on July 23 at the home of the Pilley family in Spartanburg, S.C.

As a puppy, Chaser was given as a gift to Dr. John Pilley, a retired Wofford College psychology professor, by his wife in 2004. Dr. Pilley taught Chaser a remarkable number of commands and to identify and retrieve more than 1,000 toys - each with a different name.

Chaser rose to worldwide fame with numerous articles and television features including an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson for PBS’ Nova.

Here’s the famous video:

Dr. Pilley died last year at 89 with Chaser by his side. Chaser’s Facebook page has a moving description of their last days together written by Dr. Pilley’s son.

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