When men focus on their physical and mental health needs it also has a positive impact on their families. It takes strength to tend to your health, so inspiration from others is always helpful.

That’s why some of the male staff at HopeWay, Charlotte’s nonprofit mental health center, shared their healthy habits in a recent edition of HopeWay Matters monthly newsletter.

Here are some ideas for how to invest in your own well-being.

Alan Bozman

Alan Bozman

“I recently passed the test to become a certified bee keeper, so right now I am spending a chunk of my free time feeding and observing my collection of hives. I also like to hike to waterfalls. The most recent site I visited with my son was Ruby Falls, a 100 foot waterfall in a cave in Tennessee.”
Alan Bozman, PhD, Director of Clinical Services

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

“Self care is extremely important and can often be put on the back burner with all of the responsibilities that life brings. For me, I like to exercise, watch and play sports, play with my son and daughter, and watch true crime shows on TV. I also read every night before bed to help switch my brain off from the stressors of real life.”
Andrew Harris, MS, LPC, Primary Therapist

Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez

“Making people happy brings me balance. I want people to be part of a community - to share their experiences and stories of what it means to them to be happy. That's how Capture Happy, my photography business, came about. It allows me do something different and be part of a creative conversation.” Michael Hernandez, Digital Media Contractor

Ross Hicks

Ross Hicks

“My wife and I are always taking care of the house and maintaining our yard. But, we love to relax in our "man cave"! Some of our favorite games we play include pool or darts.”
Ross Hicks, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Milton Jones

Milton Jones

“One thing that really brings me joy is exercise. I work out every morning before work. It gives me stability and keeps me grounded. When exercising, I like to feel good about what I'm wearing. So one other thing I really enjoy is my collection of sneakers. Nike Air Max is a particular favorite of mine.
Milton Jones, MBA, Wellness Clinic Specialist

Dan Oliver

Dan Oliver

“You can often catch me reading a book or magazine, playing guitar, or taking my dog for a long walk. Regular exercise is crucial for me to feel organized and productive, so I try to run, practice yoga, or lift weights most days. On weekends I'm almost certain to be acting as the "funcle" (fun uncle) for my young nieces and nephews.”
Dan Oliver, MA, LPC, Admissions Specialist


It’s time to shake the stigma that just women care about how they look says Jacob Starr, an Aesthetic Consultant at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. He’s a sought-after source of advice for a growing number of male clients.

It’s time to shake the stigma that just women care about how they look says Jacob Starr, an Aesthetic Consultant at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. He’s a sought-after source of advice for a growing number of male clients.

Even though the majority of Aesthetic Consultant Jacob Starr’s clients at Charlotte Plastic Surgery are female, looking good isn’t the interest of just one gender anymore.

“Men want to look good, too” Starr says. “It’s becoming more acceptable for them to come in and talk openly about their concerns about their skin and things they would like to change.”

He’s happy the stigma is being shaken.

“No matter what gender you are, the way you look effects your confidence, and men also want to be the best versions of themselves possible.”

You can find Jacob at Charlotte’ Plastic Surgery’s sleek new Brilliant Bar at its Randolph Road location. To book a free consultation, call 704-372-6846.

The O Report asked Jacob to share his favorite products and procedures for men 50 and up. (To see his list for women, click here).

CPS AHA BHA Cleanser.jpg


“A cleanser is very important. This one exfoliates dead skin and improves tone and texture. It also has a brightening effect and you can use it morning and night.”

CPS Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen.jpg


“We have several versions of this — some have SPF 34 and they come tinted and untinted. The 50+ is great for overall sun protection. It protects your skin from the sun and UV rays, but also improves your overall appearance as well. It’s super lightweight and feels good on the skin.”

CPS HA5.jpg


“Everyone over 50 needs this product. It has hyaluronic acid which instantly adds hydration to the skin. It also helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.”


“It’s the best nonsurgical fat reduction procedure. For men, it can help them achieve that ideal V shape. There’s no down time. You can have it done during your lunch break and then go back to the office.”


“With our talented nurse injectors, It’s such a natural looking treatment. You will look rested and relaxed but still able to move your face and have an expression.”


Photos by Daniel Coston Photography

The Father of the Year Gala presented by the Father’s Day Council to benefit the American Diabetes Association is one of the most special fundraisers of the year because it honors successful businessmen who are also outstanding fathers, and also shines a spotlight on the most important women in their lives who make it all happen: their wives.

This year’s honorees were Steve Boland, Managing Director, Head of Consumer Lending at Bank of America; Randy Gartz, Managing Director of Technology, Recruiting & Consulting at Fairview Search Group; Dwight Gibson, President, Flow Food & Beverage & Industrial at SPX Flow; and Michael Smith, President and CEO of Charlotte Center City Partners.

Master of Ceremonies was WCCB New Rising host Derek James, a dad himself who also writes a monthly parenting column for Charlotte Parent magazine. Auctioneer was Col. Benjamin Farrell.

The 2019 honorees join an impressive list of past Fathers of the Year including Kieth Cockrell, Vinay Patel, Chad Utermark, Carl Armato, Richard “Stick” Williams, Jesse Cureton, Dee O’Dell, Rob Engel, Carlos Evans, Michael Marsicano, Brett Carter, H.A. (Humpy) Wheeler, Scott Clark, Stoney Sellars, Mike Minter, John Tate, Felix Sabates, Al de Molina, Alvaro Gurdian, Sam Mills and Richard Vinroot.


Ralph Lauren Earth Polo All Colors.png

An iconic men’s fashion staple is going green.

Just in time for Earth Day on April 22, Ralph Lauren launched the sale of its new eco-friendly Earth Polo made from 100 percent recycled material. Each shirt uses an average of 12 recycled plastic bottles which are spun into a microfiber yarn.

The shirts retail for $89.95 and come in four colors: Baby Blue, Stewart Green, White and Newport Blue in men’s sizes XS-XXL. Those hues were chosen because they’re the same four colors you see when you look at Earth from a distance.

In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, each color is achieved via a unique carbon dyeing process that uses no water in the application of the dye.

A statistic on the Ralph Lauren website states that 1 million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute causing plastic bottles to litter oceans, beaches and landfills around the globe.

The Earth Polo is also available in women’s sizes XS-XL.

To show the company’s commitment to improving the environment, even the packaging is eco-friendly.


Photos by Daniel Coston Photography

The all-male Good Fellows Club raised $1 million during its 102nd Christmas Luncheon at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The money raised from the 1,700 members and their guests at the luncheon, which included some advance donations, goes to help Charlotte’s working poor.

The luncheon’s speakers who helped motivate everyone to give included Charlotte City Manager Marcus Jones and Marcus Smith, president and CEO of Speedway Motorsports. The Good Fellows Club president is Mac Everett.

The club was founded in 1917 by a group of men at Second Presbyterian Church. To join, go to goodfellowsclub.org.


Olay Regenerist.png

Olay Regenerist is already a hit with women, but now men are increasingly becoming fans of this product that in lab results has proven to turn back the clock on skin after 28 days.

It’s engineered with supercharged formulas packed with amino-peptides for transformative results and younger-looking skin. Plus it plumps with hydration, firms to improve elasticity and helps correct the look of wrinkles - something we all want no matter our gender.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. $27. olay.com.


Photos by Genesis Photography

Neiman Marcus of Charlotte’s The Art of Fashion benefit for The Mint Museum featured a runway show of new styles from luxury designers, including these bold fashions for men. To see the looks for women, go to the Fashion section. For photos of all the glamorous guests, go to the Social section.


The one-of-a-kind grill by Chef Michael Mina is available only at Williams Sonoma. $999.95.

The one-of-a-kind grill by Chef Michael Mina is available only at Williams Sonoma. $999.95.

James Beard award-winning chef, restaurant owner and cookbook author Michael Mina’s new one-of-a-kind grill created exclusively for Williams Sonoma was born out of his passion for cooking and tailgating.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard picnic or tailgating at your favorite sporting event, this grill will have you cooking with style on the go. It disassembles into two pieces for easy portability; functions as a roaster, coal oven and smoking box; includes a warming oven and baking compartment; and has a generous cast iron cooking surface.

Michael Mina Condiments.jpg

He also created a line of burger seasonings and sauces just for Williams Sonoma: Classic Burger Seasoning, French Onion Burger Seasoning, Chili Cheese Burger Seasoning, Buffalo Burger Seasoning, Porcini Truffle Burger Seasoning, Secret Sauce, Caramelized Onions, San Marzano Tomato Spread and Summer Fruit Relish.

Chef Michael Mina is also head of Mina Group, which manages more than 30 restaurant concepts around the globe including Bourbon Pub in Santa Clara, California.

Chef Michael Mina is also head of Mina Group, which manages more than 30 restaurant concepts around the globe including Bourbon Pub in Santa Clara, California.

The San Francisco-based chef (at his tailgates he’s rooting for the 49ers), has these tips for the perfect burger, which he shared on the Williams Sonoma blog.

How to make the perfect patty: “A 75-25 meat-to-fat ratio is ideal; I like to make a blend of brisket, chuck and short rib. If you can, buy dry-aged meat; dry aging gives burgers a distinct flavor. One pet peeve of mine is when burger meat gets worked too much. Burgers need to be packed—a large ring mold is best to help form their shape—but they should not be mixed.”

How to tell when it’s done: “A meat thermometer is always the safest and smartest way to cook patties perfectly.”

The best bun: “The bun is essential; it must be able to hold up to the juiciness of the burger. In my opinion, hamburger buns must always be brushed with butter, then toasted. Sesame seeds on top are always great as well.”



Fashion influencer Scott Newkirk, the buyer and creative director for Tabor, in the courtyard of the unique menswear store.

Fashion influencer Scott Newkirk, the buyer and creative director for Tabor, in the courtyard of the unique menswear store.

Tabor is arguably Charlotte’s most unique designer menswear’s store. No surprise since it’s the well-dressed brother to sister stores Capitol and Poole Shop.

Scott Newkirk, Tabor’s buyer and creative director, says the store’s core clientele are young, old and everything in between. But they do have some traits in common.

“The Tabor customer has a sense of humor, is willing to experiment a little and be open to what’s happening in the world of menswear,” he said. 

Scott's buying trips to Paris and New York, where he spent decades as an influencer on the fashion scene, have given him an expert eye for all things elegant and modern. 

Now that he’s in his 50s, here are some of his stylish tips for men 50 and up:

Think about streamlining and dressing more simply. “Almost everything in my wardrobe is navy so I don’t have to think about what goes together.”

The "great" staples he recommends for every man’s wardrobe are: “A great fitting pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes, a great jacket and a great pair of sneakers. And buy a great new white shirt every season.”

Even on your most casual days, maintain a certain level of elegance. “Elegance is attractive to everyone. The older you get, it’s nice to have that in your mind when you’re getting dressed and socializing.”

His final words of wisdom: “Shoes are important. Eat well. And get a good haircut."


For a man's take on the best books to read this summer, we turned to Frazer Dobson, who co-owns Park Road Books with his wife, Sally Brewster. (To read Sally's list, click here.)

Here are Frazer's favorites: 

Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin.jpg

Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin (Ecco, $26.99). "Rice Moore has found a job protecting a remote forest preserve in Virginian Appalachia where his main responsibilities include tracking wildlife and refurbishing cabins. It's hard work, and totally solitary - perfect to hide away from the Mexican drug cartels he betrayed back in Arizona. But when Rice finds the carcass of a bear killed on the grounds, the quiet solitude he's so desperately sought is suddenly at risk."

Southernmost by Silas House.jpg

Southernmost by Silas House (Algonquin, $26.95). "Silas House explores the aftermath of a destructive flood in a small Tennessee town and an evangelical priest who opens his home to two gay men, forcing him to question his past, his prejudices, and everything he once held true."

There There by Tommy Orange.jpg

There There by Tommy Orange (Knopf Publishing Group, $25.99). "An explosive new talent details the lives and stories of 12 present and past day Native Americans in Oakland, California."

When the English Fall .jpg

When the English Fall by Dave Williams (Algonquin, $15.99). "Seen through the diary of Jacob, an Amish farmer trying to protect his family and his way of life, the book examines the idea of peace in the face of deadly chaos when an Amish community in Pennsylvania is caught up in the devastating aftermath of a catastrophic solar storm and the subsequent collapse of modern civilization."

The Outsider by Stephen King.jpg

The Outsider by Stephen King (Scribner Book Company, $30). "When an 11-year-old boy is found murdered, forensic evidence and reliable eyewitnesses undeniably point to the town's popular Little League coach. But the jailed suspect has an alibi, and the detective in charge confirms that the coach was indeed out of town. So how can he have been in two places at the same time?"


Grill safely with Williams Sonoma's two piece BBQ Marinade Tray. 

Grill safely with Williams Sonoma's two piece BBQ Marinade Tray. 

Grilling just got much safer with Williams Sonoma's BBQ Marinade Tray. The two-piece system is perfect for safely prepping and grilling meat. The red tray is for raw meat or vegetables and is deeper to accommodate marinades. Cover it with the black tray for a lid. 

After grilling, transfer the cooked meat or vegetables to the top black tray. The black tray nests in the lower red tray and has a textured surface and perimeter wall to elevate food and contain drippings.

Each is dishwasher safe and made of lightweight BPA-free melamine that resists shattering and won't absorb flavors or odors. 

$49.45. Williams Sonoma. 



If you have a convertible or a boat, you know that sometimes it's hard to keep a hat on when you pick up speed. To protect any exposed scalp, don't forget your sunscreen. One of the most popular for that purpose is Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 30 from Colorscience

Brush it over your head (or hands and face). One of its benefits is that it provides coverage and color - it comes in shades from medium to tan. $57. Charlotte Plastic Surgery. 


Still haven't figured out what to get dear ol' dad (or hubby or grandpa) for Father's Day? Here are four last-minute gift ideas.


Tell the father of your children exactly how you feel. Trophy Husband mug. $20. The Buttercup,


He'll never be left in the dark again with this 18-inch stainless steel barbecue spatula with a built-in LED. $28. The Buttercup.


Have six-pack, will travel! This sturdy wooden bottle carrier has an attached metal bottle opener. $34.95. Hallmark. 


Purchase $85 or more of men's products from luxury men's brand Kiehl's and you'll get a complimentary limited edition Dopp Kit plus four deluxe samples - all gift wrapped. Available at the Kiehl's counter at Belk, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. 



Dr. Stephan Finical is one of the country's top plastic surgeons.  

Dr. Stephan Finical is one of the country's top plastic surgeons.  

Dr. Stephan Finical was a tenured surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota when Charlotte Plastic Surgery offered him a position. 

"Charlotte Plastic Surgery is a nationally known group so I knew of them," Dr. Finical says. "I'm from Mansfield, Ohio, and my wife and I had been thinking of moving back to the East Coast, so I flew to Charlotte to meet with them. When I got back to Minnesota, my wife already had a Realtor over to appraise our house!" 

Dr. Finical's reputation as an acclaimed surgeon and educator continues to flourish. He's especially known as a nose surgery expert: He's a member of the elite Rhinoplasty Society which is open to only the top 100 rhinoplasty surgeons in America. When he's not traveling across the country to train other surgeons and speak about the newest products and procedures, he enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his wife and two children.

The O Report was honored to have him educate us about everything from the importance of dressing well to the best thing you can do for your skin and the nonprofit that's most meaningful to him. 

What are your wardrobe staples?

I always wear a suit and tie, and usually a pocket square. My father wore a suit to work every day and so do I. Once, early in my career, I considered dressing casually on an operating day. I decided against it, and that day I was asked to consult with a VIP patient. I was so glad I wore a suit. Honestly, I just hate consulting with patients when I'm wearing scrubs. It’s like wearing your pajamas. It’s too casual. It bothers me.

Who is your male style role model? 

Cary Grant. He always stressed owning less quantity and higher quality clothing with an emphasis on tailoring. The fit is so important. One of my favorite part-time jobs in college was working in a men’s clothing store that had its own tailor shop. No surprise - knowing my profession - that I was very interested in the tailor shop and what they did!

Any favorite grooming products or grooming tips? 

Sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen, especially if you are over 40, and TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica. TNS contains human-derived growth factors that help support skin health. It is based on real and honest science and truly makes your skin look better.

How do you stay in shape? 

I run, usually four or five times a week. I have a five-mile loop that I run on the greenway. Once a quarter I run the equivalent of a half marathon. It’s good for me both mentally and physically. 

What are your favorite charitable causes? 

My wife and I both donate and volunteer at The John Crosland School. It’s a school for kids with learning differences. There are so few good resources in Charlotte's public schools for children who really need that type of specialized learning. I would encourage anyone to look into donating their time or money to such a worthy cause as the education of children. Kids with learning differences have the most to gain. You can take a frustrated child who has little opportunity in traditional education and make them a successful contributor to society. These kids have huge upside potential. It’s a place where you can really make an impact.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? 

Leaving a tenured position at the Mayo Clinic to move to Charlotte. 

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

Read. I read a lot for work, but I enjoy reading for pleasure as well. I try to read anything that an educated person “should have read,” so I’ve played catch up on a lot of classics. I also like to watch college football. Having played in school (Division III), I love the fact that amateur athletes who may have had finals or midterms and are trying to grow up like all college students are also practicing and performing on a very high level at their sport. 

Dr. Finical has always been athletic, including playing Division III football. 

Dr. Finical has always been athletic, including playing Division III football. 

Who are your favorite writers and/or filmmakers? 

Kurt Vonnegut. He's such an interesting writer. But my favorite book is probably The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. On the surface it should be uninteresting. It's about Chinese farmers at the turn of the century. But it gives insights into the way of life, feelings, thoughts, and norms of a different culture. I try to read classics that I missed because I was studying science in school. Both of my parents love to read. My dad reads a book a week. I’ve enjoyed all the Stanley Kubrick films. They are usually surprising, deep, and often disturbing. My dad took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was six. I don't understand it any better now. I’m still trying to figure it out. In front of a computer, I often feel like the apes with the jawbone in the opening scene! I learned to enjoy movies from my father. He was a Depression-era kid and went to the movies every Saturday in the 1930s. He would take butter and egg money and go with his friends, and they would watch Westerns all day.

What do you love about this stage of your life?  

I enjoy watching my children blossom as young adults.

What are your favorite restaurants? 

Stagioni is walking distance from my house. My wife and I will walk over on the Friday nights that I get home late and we are never disappointed. Russ, Leeann and Nicole always have great recommendations for us to try.

Where are your favorite places to vacation? 


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 

Two great kids!

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

MACS...Massive Amounts of Common Sense.

What did you learn from your father or grandfather that still influences you today? 

My father taught me always to do your best and present yourself well. He is very clever. He's 90 and works the crossword puzzle every day, has a terrific sense of humor and is always well-dressed. My maternal grandfather was mechanically talented. He once carved a working pair of pliers for me out of a single piece of wood. He taught me that if you are resourceful, you can fix anything.

What’s your favorite healthy snack? 

Power bars. I keep a stash in my desk drawer at work. My favorite is Kashi Honey Almond Flax. It has a really nice texture to it and doesn't have too many calories. I gnaw on those and drink low calorie Gatorade so I don't get dehydrated on operating days when I don't get a chance to go out for lunch.

What’s your favorite indulgent snack?

Ice cream! I could eat it nonstop. 


Michele Melville is a stylist with custom and made-to-measure brand J.Hilburn.

Michele Melville is a stylist with custom and made-to-measure brand J.Hilburn.

Texas-based menswear company J.Hilburn prides itself on bringing custom, luxury clothing  to its customers via a network of stylists across the country. It's a business model that eliminates unnecessary markups.

J.Hilburn stylist Michele Melville offers free wardrobe styling consultations, guarantees fit and makes shopping for any of your next social occasions easy and fun.

J.Hilburn stylist Michele Melville offers free wardrobe styling consultations, guarantees fit and makes shopping for any of your next social occasions easy and fun.

Charlotte area J.Hilburn stylist Michele Melville sat down with The O Report and shared her advice and trendy tips for men 50 and up. You can shop her site at  MicheleMelville.JHilburn.com. Contact her by email at Michele.Melville@JHilburn.com or 704-299-1026. 

The J.Hilburn pieces in your closet are guaranteed to fit. 

The J.Hilburn pieces in your closet are guaranteed to fit. 

Wear clothes that fit:  "So often I see men wearing clothes that simply don't fit. If it's too big, too small, too boxy - it doesn't work. Ill-fitting clothing will make you look heavier, older, less put- together and less confident."

Khaki/off white luxury blend trouser ($125).

Khaki/off white luxury blend trouser ($125).

Eliminate pleats: "There was a time and a place for pleats. However, most body types can handle a flat front pant, trouser and short. It will immediately update your look. And by eliminating extra fabric and bulging around the middle, it creates a sharper, more current and tailored appearance. If you must have a pleat, consider updating to a single pleat."

Don't short yourself: "One of my mid-50ish shorter clients was wearing pleated, knee length khaki shorts. We updated them with a made-to-measure, flat front chino short. It immediately modernized and slimmed his appearance by 20 pounds and 10 years!"

Italian-made multi-checked jacket in Storm Blue. $650. 

Italian-made multi-checked jacket in Storm Blue. $650. 

Classic jacket: "A great tailored sport coat provides so much versatility to any man's wardrobe. It's not too formal, not too casual and when done right, it will become your favorite go-to in your closet. The problem for men over 50 is that many in this age group wear their sport coats and suit jackets extremely full, creating for many a boxy, outdated, uninspiring look. Instead, examine fit, zoom in on your fit preferences and work with a stylist that can help you personalize and tailor your selections to work for your unique body, individual style and your lifestyle. Go bold and consider a plaid. Paired with a crisp shirt, a great trouser, casual pant or even denim, this is a look that can take you from the office to a social evening and essentially anything in between." 

Break it down: "Consider adding a deconstructed jacket style to your wardrobe. It combines the tailoring of a sport coat with the comfort of a sweater."

Luxury polos: "I'm in love with our made-to-measure polo shirts. They're made from refined Italian and performance knits.  Customization details include two collar options, four placket options, three sleeve options and  a variety of other features.  Some of my favorite features for 2018 include contrasting fabric and color choices as well as a long sleeve version with a shirt cuff."


Taupe textured solid reversible vest ($400). 

Taupe textured solid reversible vest ($400). 

Best vest: "Another on-going trend is the reversible vest. Not only are they highly functional, they are good looking and provide another level of warmth and casual style."

Look good on and off the course in J.Hilburn's innovative new golf line. 

Look good on and off the course in J.Hilburn's innovative new golf line. 

Fore: "J.Hilburn is revolutionizing the golf apparel industry with the launch of its full golf line. The line's innovative fabrics that are made to your measurements will take you straight from the golf course to the boardroom."

Jean rules: "Keeping it simple is best.  A dark hued, tailored (not skinny) leg will serve you well.  Having the right pair in your wardrobe will provide you with more versatility than you can imagine.  The key is finding the right fit for your body type to ensure comfort. They can give you a super casual, cool look - yet can be totally dressed up, too. I enjoy taking one pair of jeans and showing my clients 20 new looks by swapping out different shoes, belts, shirts, sweaters, sport coats, and outerwear. "


Ivory Revenge tuxedo jacket (starting at $725); Super Black tuxedo trouser ($250); White Poplin shirt ($185); Black Satin self-tied bow tie ($55) and white cotton/linen pocket square ($49). 

Ivory Revenge tuxedo jacket (starting at $725); Super Black tuxedo trouser ($250); White Poplin shirt ($185); Black Satin self-tied bow tie ($55) and white cotton/linen pocket square ($49). 

Own it:  "If you have a social life that puts you in a tuxedo more than once every year or so, do yourself a favor and have one made for you. No one over 50 should rent a tuxedo."


Featured speakers at the  ManUp  conference on June 2 are Carolina Panther Thomas Davis; Miles McPherson of The Rock Church; Panthers Broadcaster Eugene Robinson; Urban Impact's Ed Glover; and Bryce Johnson of UNPACKIN' It Ministries. 

Featured speakers at the ManUp conference on June 2 are Carolina Panther Thomas Davis; Miles McPherson of The Rock Church; Panthers Broadcaster Eugene Robinson; Urban Impact's Ed Glover; and Bryce Johnson of UNPACKIN' It Ministries. 

Join Urban Impact, in partnership with Forest Hill Church, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, and The Park Church for an encouraging day of worship, prayer, dynamic breakout sessions and powerful messages during the first ManUp Charlotte: Maximize Your Impact conference on June 2 at Forest Hill Church.

Recommended for ages 15 and up, it's inspired by a widely known report that ranked Charlotte dead last in upward economic mobility out of the 50 largest U.S. cities. The study showed that family structure is one of the highest predictors of economic mobility - and 35% of Charlotte households with children are single parent households.  

The conference's organizers believe the best way to make a positive change in the upward mobility crisis is by engaging fatherlessness through showing men the great need for them to lead, love and serve their families.

Featured speakers are Carolina Panther Thomas Davis; Miles McPherson of The Rock Church; Panthers Broadcaster Eugene Robinson; Urban Impact's Ed Glover; and Bryce Johnson of UNPACKIN' It Ministries. 

The conference is June 2 at Forest Hill Church, SouthPark campus, 7224 Park Road. Check-in and a complimentary breakfast is at 7:30 a.m.; the conference begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 pm. The cost is $49 (includes breakfast and lunch). To register, click here.


Randy Gartz surrounded by the loves of his life, his wife and daughters.

Randy Gartz surrounded by the loves of his life, his wife and daughters.

Randy Gartz has a rewarding job as Managing Director of Technology Search and Consulting for Fairview Search Group. Even though he spends his workdays at the recruiting company finding the right people for the right jobs, he says it was dumb luck that set him on his own successful career path. 

After leaving his hometown of Manalapan, New Jersey to study Finance and play soccer at the University of South Florida, he stayed in Tampa for two years after college before moving to  Jacksonville, Florida. 

While in Jacksonville, he went to a recruiting office to ask them to help him find a new opportunity and he walked out with a job leading their staffing office. "I really hit it off with the president of the company and he said he would teach me the business," Randy says. "I discovered right away that it was the perfect job for me. I ended up staying there three years and helping them grow their business." 

His next job was working for 15 years with Robert Half, the largest accounting and finance recruiting agency in the world. He started out in Maryland and then Washington, D.C. before being asked to travel throughout the U.S. and occasionally to Europe. In 2001 he moved to his wife's hometown of Melbourne, Florida until 2009 when he was recruited by the owners of Sherpa to come to Charlotte.

What he loves about his work is the positive experience of helping people find employment that utilizes their talents. "Early in my career, I found a job for a guy who had been out of work for months," Randy says. "He didn't do well on his first interview, so I coached him and helped him with his confidence. Eight months later he got a job. Later, he told me how close he had been to not being able to take care of his family and how much he appreciated me putting myself on the line to help him. That's when it really hit me that my work was so rewarding."

During an interview with The O Report, Randy got the job done by sharing everything from his best timesaving tips to his favorite restaurants and his most meaningful charitable cause.

What do you love about this stage of your life? 

My daughters have been “teaching me” for a while and now that they are in college I enjoy watching their minds expand from their great education. Olivia is at NC State University studying Mechanical Engineering. Rachel went to the University of Pittsburgh for her undergrad and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Occupational Therapy at East Carolina University. To see them immersed in their field and doing such great work is my greatest reward as a parent. I equally enjoy all the one-on-one time I’m able to get with my wife now that the girls are away in college. We enjoy new trips, fun times with other empty nesters, and socializing at good restaurants and concerts.

What are your wardrobe staples?

My work environment has changed over the years. I have a closet full of suits and ties but currently at Fairview Search Group we are more business casual so I have an equally large collection of khakis and golf shirts. On the weekends, I enjoy yardwork after being inside most of the week so I actually have a few drawers full of “outside” shorts and shirts mixed with many drawers of golf shorts and workout attire.

Where are your favorite places to buy clothes?

Having traveled to Europe and the UK for business on a few occasions, I was fortunate to experience first-hand how an authentic haberdasher and clothier make a fitted business shirt and suit so I enjoy local men’s stores like The Sporting Gent or Taylor Richard & Conger. Of course, Nordstrom is consistently great.

Who are your male style role models?

I’m not sure if I have one because I’m in so many different settings that my choices are quite varied. I would probably say that I follow those who are slightly on the conservative side but still creative and stylish. Probably someone like the James Bond characters professionally and LeBron James in a more casual setting.

Any favorite grooming products or grooming tips?

I’m pretty basic on grooming other than being a strong follower since Day One of the Dollar Shave Club's six-blade razor, Dove soap and Aveeno lotion applied a few times a day (because I have slightly dry skin). I also read an article years ago about shaving in both directions to remove the dead skin from your face that can cause irritation and cause wrinkles faster so I’ve done that for 20 years.

How do you stay in shape?

I played multiple sports my whole life - mostly soccer, basketball, football, golf and hockey - all the way through playing college soccer and a few years afterwards, so being physically active has always been a part of my life. I also have three brothers so that was a “sport” itself!

What are your favorite charitable causes?

I’m on the Charlotte board of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and have been a supporter and fundraiser for ADA for over 15 years in multiple cities that I’ve lived throughout the country. The number of people suffering and finding out they have diabetes is increasing faster than any other disease in the country - currently approaching 30 million Americans. Having met many afflicted by this deadly disease, I feel a great sense of urgency and responsibility to help bring a cure.

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

That’s a tough one for me as I don’t really have much downtime. I always feel I can be doing something to advance our society, my business and my relationships with family and friends so I only sleep 5-6 hours a night (I'm working on that). I enjoy yardwork and find it therapeutic and rewarding while also being a good workout. I should read more. I enjoy history and learning about the plights of other cultures for survival and success. Sunday afternoon is for watching golf and football and taking a nap.

Any timesaving tips you want to share? 

Put your work outfit out before you go to bed, repack your gym bag as soon as you get home to ensure you have it to take to work for a morning or lunch workout, shop early (7 a.m.) on Saturday morning, shop online as much as you can, and plan your next day before you go to bed to help limit distractions tomorrow.

What are your favorite restaurants?

I like all types of food - my Italian/German/Irish heritage is a blessing and a curse. I prefer to mix it up so depending on the mood, my favorite places include Midwood Smokehouse (BBQ), Lorenzo’s (pizza), Capital Grille (steak), Dressler’s (Continental American), Upstream (seafood), Copper (Indian), Rai Lay (Thai), and Luce (Italian).

Where are your favorite places for a getaway? 

Hope Town in the Bahamas, Amelia Island and the mountains of N.C. (Brevard, Asheville, Boone).

What was your childhood dream profession? 

Professional soccer player.

Randy (standing in the back sporting a mustache) and his siblings grew up in Manalapan, New Jersey. 

Randy (standing in the back sporting a mustache) and his siblings grew up in Manalapan, New Jersey. 

What was your first car?

A 1978 Toyota Corolla that my mother had, then my sister, then my brother, then me in 1983. 

Who are your favorite writers or filmmakers? 

Martin Scorsese, Lesli Linka Glatter (Mad Men), Ava DuVernay (Selma), Clint Eastwood and John Grisham.

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?

James Bond.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? 

Helping to raise my two children to be both successful and good caring people.

What is your motto?

Protect those who need it, and expect much from those to whom much has been given.

What is your vision for the future?

My remaining years will be balanced between preparing to care for my Mom when she begins to need it (she's 82-years-old); enjoying as much fun time with my wife and children as I can; and giving back to society for all the wonderful times, people and treasure I’ve been given in my life.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

I had a very successful millionaire boss early who said “numbers don’t lie but people do.” It kept me grounded in not being swayed by opinions that weren’t deeply rooted in quantifiable facts. My Mom taught me an equally great business lesson: Listen to what the person is saying, not the words they’re using.

What did you learn from your father or grandfather that still influences you today?

Hard work pays off; finish your work before playtime.

What’s in your glass during Happy Hour?

Either Jameson with one ice cube and lime, a glass of Pinot Noir (preferably Domaine Drouhin) or a Tito’s with lemonade and cranberry.


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic is one of the brand's most popular products for men. 

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic is one of the brand's most popular products for men. 

In 1991 when makeup artist Bobbi Brown launched her namesake cosmetics company, she probably had no idea that one day men would also be fans of the brand's skincare line.

Justin Pittman, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' Account Coordinator for the Carolinas, explains this growing trend among men: 

Justin Pittman, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' Account Coordinator for the Carolinas

Justin Pittman, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' Account Coordinator for the Carolinas

"Everyone, whether they're a man or a woman, needs to make sure they're taking care of their skin properly," Justin says. "Men really like the quality of the products and the packaging. Everything has very clean lines and most of it is in clear containers with a black cap - it doesn't look very feminine."

That doesn't mean men are flocking to Bobbi Brown cosmetic counters in department stores -  they're still shy about buying the products in person. "I hear many of our female customers say their husbands won't come (to the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter), but they'll take their wives' Bobbi Brown eye cream and moisturizer and then get upset when it starts to run out." 

Justin says his main advice to men is to hydrate. "If all you're doing now is washing your face and shaving, just adding a moisturizer makes a huge difference."

Here's Justin's list of the top eight Bobbi Brown products men use the most, and why they're popular.


1. Lathering Tube Soap ($34). "Men want a squeaky clean feeling after they wash their face."


2. Hydrating Face Tonic ($34). "It's alcohol-free so there's no burning or stinging and it helps remove any oil or residue left on the skin after cleansing."


3. Extra Repair Serum ($114). "It's so important for men to use a serum also because it's made to penetrate the skin much deeper than a moisturizer." 


4. Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm SPF 25 ($98). "Guys don't want anything that feels sticky or heavy. They should be using at least an SPF 15, but higher is better, especially if they're outside a lot. This is great for men with dry skin who want sun protection. If you have sunroof, don't forget to apply this to exposed parts of your head."


5. Extra Eye Repair Cream ($74). "Everyone needs an eye cream. This is a moisturizer and a treatment product that melts into the skin, feels great, brightens and helps with fine lines. Just rub it between your fingers to warm it up and pat it around the eye area." 


6. Buffing Grains For Face ($46). "Everyone, even men who shave, should exfoliate their face once or twice a week. Add the grains to the cleanser and it turns it into an exfoliator that makes the shave smoother, and it helps with eliminating ingrown hairs and razor burn."


7. Lip Balm SPF 15 ($23). "Instead of having to apply a cheaper drugstore lip balm constantly, this one doesn't feel heavy and and it works all day. It also comes in a stick formula if you prefer to apply it directly to your lips."


8. Hydrating Face Cream ($60). "Guys don't want anything that feels sticky or heavy. This is a lightweight cream with vitamin enriched water to help hydrate and condition the skin." 








A classic style and modern technology are earning the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon amazing reviews.

This new generation of the iconic 4x4 is off-road ready for all kinds of rugged experiences. Its 33-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires are standard, which give it superior traction and a 10.9-inch ground clearance. And it has easily accessible sitches for engine its 4x4 capabilities.

Pricing starts at $40,495. For more details go to www.jeep.com.






Have you ever wondered exactly how much protein you need each day?

Nancy Clark, a registered dietician and specialist in sports dietetics who has served as a nutritional consulate to the NBA's Boston Celtics, has this simple formula:

"Take you body weight and divide it in half," she said in an interview in the publication Athlon Sports & Life. "You want 0.5-0.8 grams of protein per pound (of that number)."

She says that one of the keys to protein intake is fueling your body as soon as you get hungry, especially after a workout or when you're having a busy day.

Protein bars are a great on-the-go option for those situations, and one of her favorites is Nature Valley XL Protein Mixed Nut. This super sized snack is especially satisfying when you crave some crunch. And it has 15 grams of protein. 

But ultimately her philosophy is that the ideal protein bar is the one that tastes the best to you and that you enjoy the most.