You can find superstar aesthetic consultant Jacob Starr at Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s sleek new Brilliant Bar. To book a free consultation, call 704-372-6846.

You can find superstar aesthetic consultant Jacob Starr at Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s sleek new Brilliant Bar. To book a free consultation, call 704-372-6846.

Jacob Starr, an Aesthetic Consultant with Charlotte Plastic Surgery, is perfectly named because he’s considered to be a superstar by beauty insiders and his clients.

“Whether it’s doing a Visia analysis —or listening to their concerns and then recommending products and procedures — Jacob is just amazing,” says Janit Pike, Chief Operating Officer of Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Jacob’s mother had a career in dermatology, so he grew up learning how to take care of his skin. And as an Art major in college, he’s always had an interest in aesthetics. Combine that with his passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves possible and it’s clear why he’s a sought-after source for advice.

You can find Jacob at Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s sleek new Brilliant Bar at its Randolph Road location. To book a free consultation, call 704-372-6846.

“I’m a people person so I love meeting with clients,” Jacob says. “I listen to any concerns they have about their skin in general. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.”

Depending on what the client wants to work on, Jacob may recommend products alone, or products used in conjunction with a noninvasive option such as lasers or fillers.

The O Report asked Jacob to share his favorite products and procedures for women 50 and up. (To see his list for men, click here).

CPS TNS Essential Serum.jpg


“This is our biggest seller. It’s liquid gold. It’s the best all-in-one product out there. It helps with skin tone, texture and fine lines. If you’re doing injectables, this will be an added boost. But it’s a stand alone product that helps improve your skin’s overall appearance. It’s a pricer item, but some people will use 6 or 7 other products and not come close to what this one product can do, so it’s really worth it. And you save money through our Brilliant Distinctions rewards program. I will warn you that it’s one of our most addictive products because of the results. Once you start using it you will not want to stop.”

CPS HA5.jpg


“This adds instant hydration to the skin. It helps smooth out fine line and wrinkles. It replaces skin’s hyaluronic acid because as you get older your hyaluronic acid dissipates. With this product you’ll have much more of a hydrated look.”

CPS SkinMedica Dermal Repair.jpg


“I especially recommend this for those with dryer skin. It repairs, moisturizes and smooths out the skin. It has an ultra rich, luxurious feel and can be used year round.”


Profound: “It’s a heat treatment that is awesome. It tightens the skin while increasing the collagen and elastin. It’s a one-time treatment and it’s 100 percent effective. it’s a great if you’re not a candidate for a facelift and there’s not a lot of recovery time.”

AquaGold Micro Botox: “It delivers a cocktail of different ingredients including Botox and hyaluronic acid. You’re in and out in 30 minutes. It’s great for enlarged pores and scars. It gives you an overall more youthful, glowing appearance. There’s no discomfort. It’s pressed into the skin.”

CoolSculpting: “It’s the best nonsurgical fat reduction for stubborn fat. It’s noninvasive, it can be done on a lunch break and there’s no down time.”


Sun Bum Cool Down Gel.png

Whether you’ve just gotten off the beach, or returned home from running errands, it’s so easy to get too much sun in the summer no matter how much sunscreen you use.

For those days, The O Report recommends Sun Bum’s Cool Down Gel ($9.99; Ulta), a premium moisturizing after sun gel that’s vitamin E enriched. This soothing aloe gel glides on easily and rehydrates your skin.

As an added bonus, it also helps heal that other summer bummer - bug bites. The gel contains tea tree oil, which is known for treating and healing bug bites.