After making hot tea or iced tea, don't throw away those those damp tea bags right away. Instead, keep a resealable plastic bag in the freezer and pop them inside to use later. Just be sure to cut off the string first. Our favorite brand is Tazo, especially the Tazo Zen green tea with lemongrass and spearrmint.

Here are three ways frozen tea bags come in handy:

1. Place one under (not over) each eye for a couple of minutes. According to an article in Good Housekeeping magazine, it's the coldness and the tea's tannins that rapidly reduce inflammation and swelling. A word of caution: Do not to let the tea bag touch your eye or it could cause irritation. 

2. Did a mosquito, or other bug, feast on you? Pull out a frozen tea bag and use it as a cold compress. According to Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine, it's the antioxidants in the tea that help soothe a bug bite.

3. Too much sun and fun can give you a summer headache. When that happens, lie down and place two bags on your forehead or a bag on each temple. Just taking the time to relax and cool down will have you back to your normally sunny self.