The motto of The O Report is Stay Chic. It's a reminder to women 50 and up that no matter what our age is going forward we can always strive to be smart, elegant and stylish. The O Report founder Olivia Fortson has now put together a list of her Top 10 Tips to help you Stay Chic. The list is based on her conversations with chic women who always seem to get it right and her own personal experience.  

The talented designer Deb Hall of Olive Paper took the list and printed it on beautiful cards that Olivia has been giving out during her personal appearances and talks (her next speaking engagement is an Oct. 18 luncheon at St. John's Episcopal Church in honor of the church's 60th anniversary).

The cards have been a hit, so she wanted to share her tips with you:

1. Fit Is Fab. Eating healthy foods and having an exercise routine are key to keeping our minds and bodies strong as we age. 

2. Look Good, Feel Good. Once a year, visit a makeup artist and hairstylist you trust and have them give you their opinion about a new product or trend that can help you update your look. 

3. Keep It Light. Always think about bringing light and color to your face by wearing a colorful top, scarf, earrings or necklace. 

4. Frumpy Is The Real "F" Word. Develop a relationship with a sales person or wardrobe stylist who will push you to try new styles without sacrificing what makes you comfortable. 

5. Be Authentic. This is the time in your life to become your true authentic self. Silence all those voices from the past and start thinking about who you are, what you really like, what makes you happy and how you envision the rest of your life. 

6. Celebrate Yourself. If you've made it this far, you have a lot of wisdom and life experience to share. Help be a role model to others - and learn new things yourself - by surrounding yourself with interesting and positive people of all ages. 

7. Be Bold. Find a bold lipstick that works for you and becomes a color you're known for. 

8. Strong Foundation. Invest in quality underwear, shapewear and bras so that anything you put on looks great. Get a professional bra fitting at least once a year. 

9. Tailor Made. Find an alterations place you like and become a regular. Any time you buy a new item of clothing - whether it's from a discount store or a designer boutique - have your tailor make any needed alterations so it perfectly fits your body. 

10. Signature Scent. Although it can change over time and even over seasons, experiment and find a perfume you love and make it your signature scent.